About Us

"By far the best deadbolt lock I've ever encountered."

—— LockPickingLawyer (Locking picking expert and Youtuber)


Established in 2010 in California, USA, AIsecure specializes in designing innovative security products for smart homes and business. Featured with groundbreaking patented "ESILOK TWIST-TO-LOCK" deadbolt, an innovative deadbolt that allows locking keyless, AIsecure's products have got high ratings from not only customers around the world but also security experts including LockPickingLawyer, one of the most well-known names in the world of lock picking as he commented on his YouTube channel of 4 millions subscribers: "By far the best deadbolt lock I've ever encountered."


Besides the most well-known EASILOK deadbolts for Home entry door and AIsecure Storefront door, AIsecure also adapt  the "TWIST-TO-LOCK" technology to a series of different home hardware, including cabinet, windows, curtain... and we are always looking for business partners and dealers for more ideas and win-win solutions.


With our superior craftsmanship,best design and excellent customers services, AIsecure guarantee you with a satisfied shopping experience.




It began on an average weekday morning, a mother rushed out from her home front door, with a baby in arm and another kid's hand in her palm. They were apparently in a hurry, may it be for the school, daycare and then for office. She somehow managed to slam the door closed with her leg. But what had added the mess was that the mum failed to get her key from the her Tote bag and at the same time, the baby started to cry...


Quite familiar to you, right? Only that you were holding a suitcase or other belonging instead. It is the challenge we all have experienced —— the inevitable need to retrieve the key to lock when our hands are unavailable. And that's what AIsecure wants to fix.


Life has never been easy for most of us, not only to say those who need special help. We are usually trapped in daily chores and business, sometime, even a single difficulty in the morning could ruin the rest of your day. By presenting the "Twist to lock" deadbolt with built-in night latch, a groundbreaking product nothing like before, we dedicate to make life easier, and safer, even though it is only a tiny little part of our daily life.


As American astronaut Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, said, “That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” “With one small twist to the lock, a great help to make your day easier.” is the goal that AIsecure targets to achieve.